Breakfast Cereal

When did this become so difficult?  There was a time when choosing a
breakfast cereal was a no-brainer. Cool box art, interesting inside prize, and
taste was my top three deciding factors. Now that I’ve gotten older, cereal
selection has taking on a whole new dimension. Not that the earlier factors are
no longer valid [smile], but the value of what the cereal is made of has become
paramount in me making my selection.  

 The thing I know now that I didn’t know then is : The substance of the cereal is foundationally parallel to the cereal’s many benefits; or lack there of.

In other words, “What ever it’s made of, really does matter.

Ironically, my view of relationships and the company I keep have evolved a lot like my view of breakfast cereal. I now mull through the aisles (life) taking careful account of what is being offered. Never again just grabbing a
cereal box while thinking, “Oh’ this one will do”….. Nope!…. In an instant I
consciously summarize quality, characteristics and features that are easy to
view. When it appears that I have found my selection, I then turn the box to
its side to closely review its Ingredients, the Nutritional Facts and its Daily

Can you imagine what our relationships would be like if we took the time to
mull over them as closely as we mull over breakfast cereal?

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