Hi Ladies,

I know, I know. The “S” Word was a pretty tough pill to swallow. It usually is. During our monthly gatherings this is one of the topics that would get us all worked up. This would be the time the room divided into three sections. The No’s, The Sometimes and The Depends.  As expected, I received several phone calls letting me know how the “S” word was sheer foolishness in many of instances. How submitting was not a part of our vocabulary and was not going to have a settled place within our marriages. We have made up our minds, “SUBMISSION” is something we cannot be a part.  Or can we?

As much as I love each and every one of you I’m gonna start with a loving sister hug and hand you a hot cup of coffee. We also have chocolate cake and cold milk. Whatever your comfort, go ahead and grab it a lets talk a bit more about The “S” Word.

When we mention SUBMISSION and husband in the same breath,
it seems to have a known stench attached to it. So how about we take this pill
and break it up in pieces that may be a little easier to relate to.

First, instead of sharing what SUMBISSION is, let us look at what SUBMISSION is NOT.

To Fight To Resist To Argue
To Combat To Oppose
To Prevent To Refuse
To Battle To Hold
Out Against
To Obstruct
Stubborn Inflexible Adamant

Secondly, let us look at other areas / places in our lives that require SUBMISSION.

In our
With our Will In the
On our
With our
With the
Instructor / Teacher
In our
With our
To the Law
In our
With our

Thirdly, using the lists above, let us honestly think about how we are doing when it comes to submitting in every area of our life.

But wait. Before you think too long. Before you come up with an extensive, grueling, critical list of areas / places in your life that could use some major improving, I want you to pause. Take a deep breath. And listen closely.

Until you and I humbly stand in the truth that “we are not our own”. We are His handiwork, His workmanship, fashioned for a purpose, divinely created to do His good work, for His good pleasure. Be it in our homes, at our jobs, with our families, in our church, at the mall or even the grocery store.

We will forever have a problem with The “S” Word.

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