Friends of Mine

We’ve been friends for so long. We lived on the same block, went to the same school, liked the same games, played in the same band, hung-out in the same school yard, cried watching the Color Purple and buried our school mate all before the age of sixteen. Friend criteria didn’t make it much past that. Friend selection is very limited when there really isn’t a ‘friend’ standard.

Over the years our values changed. The criteria of a friend no longer had anything to do with age, where you lived or what game you enjoyed on the playground. With the change in friend values and friend criteria also came a change in friendship.

Abraham believed God. His believing was seen through his actions and God counted them to him as virtue, decency, uprightness, and honesty. God calls it  “Righteousness“.  Through it all.. “he was called a friend of God”.   (James 2:22-24)

I am so grateful God gave a clear picture (through Abraham) of who may be called a friend.  To all the Friends of Mine.

With Love, through Christ Jesus


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