9/11- Ten Years Later

Ten years later we are urged with advertisements, documentaries, commercials, memorials, and songs that still tug at our hearts in hope that we do not forget what happened on this very day. For me, the reminders of 9/11 are twofold: 1.) That we are sure to remember and 2.) that we do not forget.

Ironically, our marriages require of us this very thing. When intentionally making an effort to remember, you also put yourself in a place of making an intentional effort to not forget. When married, we are to make efforts to remember and reflect on the affirmative qualities of our husbands. To recall to ourselves the many wonderful things that captured our attention in the very beginning. We are to purposely remember the good things in the relationship. The things that caused our heart to pitter patter, the things  that put a smile on our face and those things that make us want to marry him all  over again. When we make the intentional effort to remember, we fix our hearts  and minds to never forget.

9/11 brought with it tragedy and heartbreak. Yet, as it is with marriage, after the dust has settled we are begged to not let the hurt of the event cause us to forget all the beauty that
came before it. Nor should we forget and be sure to remember; the courage,  strength and the greater bond that comes after it.

Love him like you remember…

In Christ ~

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