Box Talk

<Box Talk questions are questions anonymously placed in the TO Box during TO gatherings.>

Q: How do you restore your role as a wife after you and your husband have been emotionally damaged by each other?

A: Not too long ago there was a really big storm that passed through the state. The storm swept through with great force ripping apart buildings, homes and trees. Yet, the storm also seemed to have had a bit of grace. Because there were some that were spared. Some buildings, homes and trees were left intact. Although virtually untouched, they still showed evidence that a storm had taken place. There was debris all around.

There are storms that pass through our marriages also. Sometimes these storms come with a lot of force. Other times the storms are graceful. Not always causing evident damage but usually leaving debris that verifies a storm had taken place.

Whichever the case; storms bring damage. And whenever there is damage, there must be some repair, rebuilding or some restoration.  Sadly, many of us have been on the giving and receiving end of ‘emotional damage’.  Either ‘emotionally damaging’ words and/or ‘emotionally damaging’ actions.  If you’ve been married for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share. This is not an isolated incident and there are many couples who have experienced this.

The good news is… For those of us who are under the leading, loving care of Jesus Christ, our identity is no longer determined by us. We are who God says we are. And with this new identity comes an assured response that enhances our role as wife.  

I believe our role as wife is restored, repaired, rebuilt; when we intensely embrace the truth of “….. pursuing what promotes peace and what builds up one another”, within our marriage and within our relationships with our husbands. 

“The risks of lingering hostility are staggering, but the rewards of peacemaking are worthy to pursue”.

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