Remember the closing theme song to the Carol Burnett show? “I’m so glad we had this time together……”  Yes I know, the song is a bit dated but those words are so fitting of my take of our “TO” gathering this past Friday. I’m usually on tip toe anticipation weeks before I attend “Time Out”. With certainty I can honestly say, my time out time never disappoints.  It was very refreshing. I pray each of you walked away feeling as I did; as if you had gotten your second wind.    

 I am convinced, we need more “Time Out” than locking ourselves in the bathroom, stealing time sitting in the car in the garage or wondering slowly down store isles observing unwanted items as if we’re out site seeing. We have to be deliberate in pursuing the things that nurture us from the inside out. “Time Out” is to be pursued.  Thank you for sharing your time with me.    

 Mark your calendars now for taking some ‘TO’ in February. Begin today seeking out another married woman who can use and/or deserve some “Time Out” and bring her with you to the next gathering!!.

 To all of you who gave…..your time, talent and treasures….Thank You!!

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