Usefully Placed

As I think back on the first couple years of my marriage, I chuckle and shake my head.  Although neither of us recognized it then but, my husband and I spent more than enough time each trying to convert the other.  Me advising him that things should be done one way. He advising me that they should be done another. What we each had to offer our new marriage relationship was so practically different. This was mainly because of the culture in which we were raised. Our marriage know-how had been grounded in what we learned growing up.  

Somewhere in our meeting in the middle we both had unconsciously decided that the way we knew things to be was the right way. And surely the other person should have no problem with adapting to the “right way”. Cause it was right….…right?

Needless to say, each having our own way of doing things brought about a many of “marriage moments”.

Little did I know then that I had been usefully placed in the life of my husband for an intended purpose. When God used the apostle Paul to write the letter to Titus in Crete, Paul stated detailed specifics for the women. One of the known specifics was that the older women were to “admonish the younger women to love their husbands…” <Titus 2:4>.    

That statement brings us to a very important question. “Why did God deem it important to specify that wives be told to love their husbands? And as if that wasn’t enough, God advised that wives be taught to put this love in action. Again, why was this deemed important to be told and taught?  Because …………

The LOVE mentioned here in scripture means to be committed to our husbands’ welfare, devoted to his wellbeing, dedicated to his success and to forever aid him….. is a kind of love we must learn.

Ladies, don’t ever forget. When we were asked at the altar do we promise to love, we all said, “I do”.  

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