Becoming a “Runner”

Walk a mile on Monday – Run a mile in 60 second increments on Tuesday – Walk a mile on Wednesday – Run a mile in 2 minute increments on Thursday – Walk a mile on Friday – Run a mile in 3 minute increments on Saturday – Rest on Sunday. Every week: Repeat and add longer run time / then longer distance.

These were the “How to become a Runner” instructions given to me by an experienced runner three years ago. At first glance, I was more than excited about this designed plan of becoming a runner.  The plan covered what I wanted to do and gave easy realistic ways of getting it done.  Even more, the plan provided encouragement to the outcome I desired. In my zeal, I was sure I would be a consistent distance runner in no time.

In the book of James, God shares with us the flawless principle of believing and doing <James 2:17>.  That , that in which we believe, is the very thing(s) of which our efforts, energies, and actions make known. That what we believe in will show itself in what we do. “The reality is that if you have faith, works will naturally be a product. You cannot sever the effects from the cause.”  The two cannot be separated. ~ Nelson Study Bible

The central thought of it all is looped in believing and doing. Just like the views of becoming a runner, we must believe God for our marriages and allow that trust to be displayed in our actions. 

What are your efforts, energies and actions showing you about your beliefs of your marriage? Better yet, have you committed to taking the TIME to do what it takes to become a better “runner”?  Making steps forward every day, gaining momentum, that you may go the distance?

Ladies, I look forward to seeing each of you at the next “TO”, February 24th .  Providing encouragement to the outcome we all desire.  


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