Elephant in the Room

We all sat together as usual.  The ladies in attendance did the normal small talk; introducing themselves to one another. Everyone in the room noticed things were a bit different. Even the ladies who had never attended a “TimeOut” gathering before knew there was an abnormality. It was obvious no one was as comfortable as they could be. There was something screaming to be noticed. Standing tall with no way to be hidden, yet we all did our best to pretend it wasn’t there.

When the gathering officially began, I noticed my words came out with an unusual faint tone. I was gathering my thoughts, speaking the words and looking straight at what I was trying my best not to notice. That is when I knew for sure, it was a real. And my-my-my, it was definitely a distraction. No matter how much I wanted to pretend it wasn’t there… it was. Just as big and visible as it could be. There was an Elephant in the Room

The “TO” gathering went on without a hitch. Our time together was very refreshing and like always, rather insightful.  Eventually, all the wives relaxed and the elephant didn’t seem as noticeable as it had been. Every woman in attendance had determined her way of coping with the ‘elephant’. No matter how our minds game plan; each woman at the gathering nonverbally decided to deal with the elephant. In an unspoken unified outcome; it was unanimous……….. the elephant would be ignored.

There are situations in each of our marriages that carry on the same characteristics as the elephant we had in the room at the last “TimeOut” gathering.  There are situations in our marriages that cause us to be distracted, situations that cause us to forget our first priority, situations that cause us to lose confidence in ourselves and in our relationship with our husband, situations that have been overlooked, situations we pretend are not really there when we know they are, and there are some situations we have simply decided to ignore.

But our God has left with us a promise, “Commit your way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”

For HE knows all about our ‘elephants’.

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