Wall of Separation

In the book of Ephesians <2:14-16>, God delivers a real life picture of a wall of separation. The Jews being proud in their keeping of the law looked critically at the Gentiles who had no idea who God was. This separation was so severe; there was literally a middle wall of separation (a petition in the temple), with a sign on it warning the Gentiles that if they go beyond the Court area specified for them; they would receive swift and sudden death.

Like the Jews, we wives sometimes put up walls that separate us from our husbands.  We may not speak to them for days, answer their questions with one word answers, or maybe even hideaway for complete avoidance. Comparable to  the sign on the petition in the temple; our snide remarks, glaring eyes, and snappy body gestures are our husbands’ unmistakable sign of warning.  Letting him know that if he maneuver beyond the perimeters set, there will be a high price to pay.

Today, I want you to take the first step in removing whatever wall that has been erected between you and your husband.  No, I’m not asking who put the wall there. No need to share how long the wall has been there or mention how it got there in the first place.  I’m simply asking that you get your sludge hammer, put on your hard hat, and tear it down.

Christ has completed the greatest demolition of all time. Destroying the very wall that prevented each of us access to God; the Father of all creation.  How much more can we do to make sure there is no wall separating us from the husbands God has commissioned us to love, support, care for and help?

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