Time Share

In 1960 a resort owner came up with an ingenious thought that was the ground working idea of the ‘joint venture’. The primary goal of the venture was to offer a resourceful way for the multitude to participate in a project that would otherwise be too costly for the usual individual. The notion of the idea was to share. Share in all the benefits brought with the venture as well as minimize all the things that may not seem to be so beneficial.

Think of it this way, you and a friend girl decided to meet one afternoon at the coffee shop. While there, you both choose to have cake with your coffee. Since the entire cake may be too pricey, and since the two of you have no plans of consuming an entire cake in one sitting (unless one of you is having a really, really bad day), the coffee shop would sell you your choice of cake by the slice. The key item (in this example is the cake) would be divided in such a way that all involved would benefit. The baker would benefit, the seller would benefit and you (the partaker) would benefit. No matter what your part, to take part would be a gain; yet, no one would be financially exhausted in their pursuit to profit. The venture is called Time Share.

The team at “TimeOut” has decided to borrow this idealistic concept from the resort owner and use it in our venture in petitioning more married women to attend “TimeOut”.

TimeOut -Time Share

In the book of Titus, God tells us to …Teach what is good. Urge the younger women to love their husbands…. <2:3-4>. “TimeOut” spends its efforts to inspire women to be present, plugged-in and proven in their relationship with their husbands, their families and other married women.

 We come together in a bi- monthly fellowship gathering  that offers engaging, biblically instituted, encouragement and support for the married woman looking to build-up her marriage, strengthen her family, and  support her husband and children by focusing on her rightful role as a wife as viewed by the principles provided throughout the Bible.

 When a married woman knows / stands in her rightful place in her relationship with her husband, everyone who comes in contact with her….. will benefit.

 Therefore, we are requesting every woman who attends “TimeOut”, every time she attends, to bring a married woman with her. TimeOut – Time Share!!

“TimeOut” also ask that each woman give $5 as a support gift – or/and- give on behalf of another married woman. God is moving us forward in our efforts to encourage the married woman in her amazing role as wife and He is adding layers to our time spent together.

I pray to see you at the Next Gathering: Friday – April 27th.

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