Know Him

What is it with the all intriguing desire to “know”?  Soap operas, tabloids and reality TV shows, seem to thrive on the “know” thru keeping you returning time and time and time again; teasing your senses while trapping you in to their deep pit of wanting to “know” more. You excitedly await what is going to happen next. Unknowingly being reeled into the show or tabloids twisted, intentional snare of who is doing what, when, why and how?

Great news!! God knows…….. us better than anyone. Our heavenly Father is the one who gave us that great heart vacuum of wanting to “know”. Ultimately, our desire must be to “know” Him. To know how much He loves us, to know how He sacrificed for us, to know His plans for us, to know His purpose for us, to know His direction for us; our husbands, our lives, our families. When we know Him, we get to know the what, when why and how. This great love relationship calls for nothing less than a genuine love response.

Take some time and think about your love relationship with God and with your husband.

Then … Let’s talk about if we “know” him.  And how we can get to know him better.

See you all tomorrow at the “TO” gathering  – 6:15pm.

“That I might know Him” ….Phil 3:10

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