Moses was dead. Joshua was now the leader of the people. God had called Joshua to prepare the people for the promised land.

I often think of Joshua; the new leader of the people the same as I think of our husbands as leaders of our homes. Every husband, taking on the God given responsibility and the intense pressure of hoping, wanting, and praying the whole (family) receives all they need and that all is successful. That everyone – and I mean EVERYONE, makes it to the Promise Land!

 God had to tell Joshua (more than once) to be strong and courageous. <Joshua 1:6>

Could it possibly have been that Joshua, a lot like our husbands, was feeling a little unsure he could do all God required and all that the people needed? Maybe this leader position was more than he bargained for?

But wait, God sent affirmation. For Joshua, it was the officers that responded positively to Joshua’s leadership. For our husbands, it is us….

Each wife reassuring her husband, “Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. <v.9>. And don’t forget, that we (me; your wife and our family) will follow you. <v.17>.

Above all, (my husband) be strong and courageous!” <v.18>

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