Yesterday’s “TO” Gathering: Her Majesty the Queen

Yesterday’s “TimeOut” gathering was spent sharing the beauty of a Queen and discussing the great influence the Queen has on everyone around her.

The ladies of “TO” talked in detail about the courageous stand of Queen Vashti  , who in her refusal to show herself  in dishonor was dethroned from her position as Queen.  – in contrast to – The dominating destructive character of Queen Jezebel <I Kings 16>, who used her influence over her husband for her own agenda.

This year, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years on the throne. This celebration officially begins sometime in February and continues through the month of June. Although six decades is a substantial reign for a queen and deserving of a big celebration, 60 years is nothing compared to the endurance God has called to you and I as the Queens of our own castles.    < Proverbs 31:12 …All the days of her life>

 As a Queen, wives to the Kings of our homes, we sometimes must take courageous stands in loving honor to the standards God have set before us. We must also use our divine influence over our husbands with grace and wisdom. Gently nudging them toward the ways of God; not forcing our own will , but allowing the Lord to direct our every stride.

 And through the vigilant, discreet, directed steps of the Queen, God can make stronger the heart of the King; of our castle.

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