Some days I sit and wonder, “What have I gotten myself into”? Or, “How did I get here?” Whenever this question rear its head, my mind goes on a reverse roller coaster ride making check points at all the choices I previously made that got me to this place. Thinking to myself;  If only I had turned left instead of turning right. If only I had ran instead of walked. If only I had two instead of one.. Then there is the, “If only had I not said a word, this would not be happening”.  On and on and on it can go.

This reverse roller coaster ride happens in our marriages also.  At any moment our marriage life can unction the question “What have I gotten myself into?” Or, “How did I get here?”  With so many marriages quietly drifting  aimlessly apart and even those that are drifting just the same, yet, the waters are more turbulent; there are choices that have been made that can not be reversed.

Today, make a choice to love your husband. In your purposeful choice to love your husband reflects your purposeful choice to honor God and bring glory to Him through your marriage. This will be the one check point you will not have to visit during future reverse roller coaster rides.

….because HE first loved us <1 John 4:10>

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