Forecast: TimeOut with Heavy Rain

Gushing winds and heavy rainfall make it easy to retreat. God has intentionally given weather its own natural way of setting a tone. Yet, the residual of hurricane Isaac was not a deterrent for the ladies who attended TO last evening.

There were 4 new ladies in attendance as we shared about Eve and her distraction that separated her from her God and her guy. We discussed in detail how Eve was targeted by the serpent, how she entertained the serpents doubt inducing conversation and how Eve did not consult her husband (or her God) during this life changing moment. During our talk, we also noted that Eve, like many of us wives, had not purposefully guarded her most important relationships against this subtle, crafty distraction.

Our “TimeOut” time was very well spent. We pray to see more wives joining the TO gatherings. Invite as many married women as you know to attend the next gathering. It will be our last time together in 2012.

Next TO gathering is scheduled for the last Friday in October.

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