Six Nice Words …

“We were like two children misbehaving”. Was the comment of a dear friend who spent a week secluded away with her husband in their new found “empty nest”.  A season of life we wives usually only make thought of in passing.

But, little did she know that this time, in her meager six words, I saw a surplus of renewal and hope.

What nice words as I walked through the kitchen, unknowingly stepping in a puddle of sticky that removed my entire sock from my left foot.  What nice words as I sit through Toddlers who Tumble class, little league baseball, dance recitals, spelling bees, swim meets, piano concerts, cross country runs, and a host of parent – teacher conferences . What nice words as I watch my children find themselves – or maybe; lose their minds – as teenagers. What nice words as my husband and I pray our way through the kid’s turbulent high school years that takes us places we have never gone before. What nice words as I cry through our daughters’ learning disability. What nice words when our marriage becomes strained. What nice words as I care for my elderly father as his life transitions with Dementia/Alzheimer’s. What nice words as I find out we are pregnant . What nice words as I hear we will be laid off by the end of the week.  What nice words as I look at the young man in the wedding photo who now has mingled gray in his hair.

What nice words….. of the  man I vowed my life to when I had no idea what that really meant. Now finally understanding that “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:” Ecclesiastes 3:1

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