Have a Nice Day

As I was leaving the doctor’s office the other day, passing by the patients waiting in the waiting area, I cordially stated to anyone who was listening, “You all have a nice day”. To my surprise, a few people mumbled back, “You too”, “You do the same”. Not actually expecting anyone to reply, I proceeded to the door.  Right before I could exit, there was one farewell among the few that made itself known throughout the crowd. An elderly woman who sat in the back of the room said loudly as she looked me in the eye, “No sweetheart, one day is not enough, you have a nice rest of your life”. Surprised by her stern tone, all I could do was smile and reply, “Yes ma’am; one day is not enough”.

When one normally thinks of having a nice day, the first thought of nice is pleasant, good, or enjoyable. Our type of nice usually accompanies just the right temperature, sun shining brightly, no forecast of rain or dark clouds, and all going as planned. However, nice is characterized by showing or requiring great truthfulness, precision, skill, tact, and care.

In reality, “having a nice day or life” is central to having a nice (truthful, intentional, tactful, caring) relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Although Christ has in no way fallen short of his care with/for us; we by nature, fall awfully short time and time again. Yet, without any doubt, a true relationship with Christ, in-turn; causes a nice, truthful, tactful, caring relationship with our husband.

Wives, make no mistake…. Be sure to never rationalize you having a nice day/life on the deservingness or actions of your husband; just as you can never rationalize having a nice day/life on the weather or shining of the sun.

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