“Regardless of a woman’s circumstance, opportunity can be seized, goals can be shared and confidence can be gained as long as someone takes the time to nurture her”. ~ Joi Gordon

So I ask, who was it that convinced us we can do it all on our own? That no help is needed; and in time, we would figure it all out without any assistance from anyone. Who told us that we do not need to share with others what is going on with us or what we are going through? Who told us that we can be an island bordered by the ocean, and better because of it?  When did we let “solo” creep into our lives and become our truth?

I believe the logic of ‘keeping it all to our self’ has created in us a faulty reasoning that we are safe.  In order for us to make sure we’re not hurt, talked about, looked at differently, or judged; it is best we keep it all to our self.  Although this logic seems to sound fairly accurate on the surface, it comes with a great – more complicated charge.

…And on the Sabbath day we went out of the city to the riverside, where prayer was customarily made; and we sat down and spoke to the women who met there …

<Acts 16:13>

The women in Philippi understood the value of regularly separating themselves from ‘busy’ and taking time out with other women for help, encouragement, understanding and prayer. Not falling into the trap of by herself, but knowing that while in the mist of others, she can share her heart, share her cares, be built-up and build-up others to persevere.

Keeping it all to our self comes with the disguised duty of reasoning with our self, believing our self and being persuaded by our self.


Never underestimate the stunning influence that comes with taking some TimeOut, sharing who you are; that others may be nurtured and you may be nurtured by others.charmaine signature (2)

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