Year End …

Enjoying our time with family and friends basking in the miraculous details surrounding the birth of our Savior has come to a close. We are now heading toward the New Year with great expectation of what is to come. But let us not move forward so quickly. The end of the year is a good time to debrief. This is the defining moment to take ownership of how we have responded to all the year has brought our way and the impact the years’ events have had on shaping who we are. For each of us there have been plenty of bumps along this year’s path. The roads terrain seemed treacherous at times with its large boulders, uneven pavement, tangled mass of prickly vines, thorny shrubs, and much muck. When we are muddling through, it comes all too easy to turn back, or simply stop and sink.

The book of Hebrews speaks to a people who were in constant danger of relapse while dealing with adversity, hardship and harassment. In the mist of facing daily challenges, they began doubting the truth of the gospel and considered turning back to what was familiar, comfortable and easy. (Sound familiar?). Going back to their old ways was irresistible – unless – they could know for sure that trudging ahead was the right way….

Muddy Boots

As we spend these last days of this year looking forward, let us keep in mind the path endured should not become a deterrent from heading the right way.. Let us not despise the terrain, but take possession of the lessons learned, the character built, the grace given, and the mercy provided to us ……… on Christ behalf. Making us a better “trekker” now, than we were when this year first began.

“….though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered….<Hebrews 5:8>

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