Marriage Talk – …. 3 Reasons Why

We rushed inside the building in hope of not missing the main attraction. As we crossed the threshold, the place we had become so familiar with had taken on a lovely transformation. Beautiful white, black and red boxes stacked from the floor giving the illusion of presents free for the taking. Runners and rose pedals. Candles, soft music and a room filled with anticipation.

Then there she was. Looking her most beautiful ever…..The Bride had arrived and everyone in attendance stood with the Groom in acknowledgement of her as the gift he was about to receive.

Every wedding I attend makes me think back. No matter how simple or elaborate the ceremony, the most intriguing moment of the service is the saying of the vows. That solemn promise, pledge, personal commitment to do all the things you could never imagine you not doing.

This is the day, the time, the moment; that “divorce” has no existence.divorce_gavel_rings

Jesus spoke of divorce in Matthew 19:1-10. The Pharisees wanted to know if it was lawful for a man to divorce his wife. Opposed to responding to this blatant entrapment of discussion, Jesus gave three reasons why married people should stay married.

  1. If God had intended more than one wife for Adam, he would have created more.
  2. Marriage is intended as the strongest bond in all human relationships.
  3. Two become One.

Nothing can fully prepare you for marriage; but marriage. Pre-marital care is needed, but it is not until you are completely submerged in marriage that you learn all that marriage will require of you. This is the premise of which “TimeOut” began.

The mission of ”TimeOut”  is to help us achieve healthy relationships by providing practical information through a scriptural perspective – that will inspire us to use biblical solutions in our daily interactions .

Divorce is devastating!! Let’s talk more about it Friday – January 25th, 6:20pm – at our next “TimeOut” gathering.

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2 thoughts on “Marriage Talk – …. 3 Reasons Why

  1. I really like the comment that nothing can prepare you for marriage but marriage. That is so important to realize and understand. Preparation is needed and helpful but It’s an unknown journey with peaks and valleys and lessons to be learned along the way.

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