Sobering Reality

No matter what stage your marriage; on dry land absorbing the sun rays, in the shallow where the waves are gently pushing against your knees, mid-tide where the water reaches pass your waist and sway you in its direction –OR- if you have gone out to far; the rush is high – the undercurrents are strong and you are gasping for air …….

“TimeOut” – with 23 wives in attendance – was presented with a sobering reality check during last evenings gathering.

Reality TVTaking on the New Year 2013: before we move forward in our “TimeOut” times together, our relationships with our husbands; and our commitment to our Lord God, we took a few moments to talk about our alternatives.

For the ladies of “TO” the truth was unassuming. Either you are married or you are divorced.

As we listened to the words of our guest speaker; a divorced woman, with three children; who after 15 years now finally able to share of the heart break – adultery – damage – misperception – denial – dying on the inside – and loss brought on by divorce, we were reminded of a few things.

  • Do all YOU can to make your marriage work.
  • The alternate to marriage is divorce – and all divorce has to offer.
  • Divorce has many myths – don’t be fooled.
  • Pray, pray and pray some more. God can make any marriage a great marriage!

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~ Our next “TimeOut” gathering will be the last Friday in March ~

One thought on “Sobering Reality

  1. I am really glad I was able to attend this meeting. It was a game changer in my thought process to having a healthy, lasting marriage. Mine will last, make it, and survive. Amen!

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