Does Anybody Care?

There are no identical seconds, minutes, hours, or days. Each moment is different from the one before it, and different from the one to come.  At any time, things as we have known them to be can become different. God, the master of makeovers, engineer and architect alike, controls change. Beginning change on the inner most structure (the heart) and building till completion.

The Book of Nehemiah records Nehemiah’s care for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and his care for the people there; just as the book of your marriage has hidden within its pages God’s beautiful story of care and restoration.

Nehemiah knew the land of his forefathers’ had once been a place of great fortune. When the temple had been built during the reign of King Solomon, Jerusalem was at its all-time peak.  But now, Jerusalem was in need of being rebuilt. The land and its people were in great need of a major restoration. The land was in ruins and the people had become indifferent.

But did anybody care? Yes! God had giving Nehemiah to care.  And the rebuilding began!!

Just like in Jerusalem; so often in marriage things happen that calls for a build-again. There is always some situation or circumstance it seem the marriage (not really the marriage, but us – you – me) cannot recover. Be it in a second, minute, hour, day or within decades that cause us to become indifferent – to an immediate matter or to a matter that happened a great time ago. If we are not careful, you and I can easily become uninterested and unresponsive.

But does anybody care? Yes! God cares and He has called us to care as well.

Our last “TO” gathering emphasized the straightforward choices we wives have concerning our marriage. Now, let us explore what it looks like to CARE about our marriage… to not be indifferent.

See you all at our next gathering Friday – March 29th @ 6:20pm

.I Care

One thought on “Does Anybody Care?

  1. Care is displayed in what we do…don’t say you care and then do nothing or the same ole thing

    Marriage is an institution created by God to bring Him glory…we can only do that by knowing what He requires of us. Meeting our husbands needs means we have to know what they are…trust God for that revelation, not even our husbands completely understand what they need.

    As Nehemiah did, inquire of God…determine what needs repairing in your marriage and be intentional about the work. If there are areas where there should be a door with locks and bars…make it so. Not only for keeping the good in but to keep the enemy out.

    Repair your marriage as Nehemiah repaired the wall…it may require others to help

    Start with the area that has incurred the most damaged.

    Become your husband’s spiritual confidant…be more than his friend. If Jesus can be that for us, He can show us how to be that for our husband’s…because in all truthfulness we were created to be more than his friend…unfortunately we don’t know what that looks like.

    I told my husband early in our marriage, I trust God for what I need and I trust He’ll meet that need through you. It relieved him from having to do so much.


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