At The Intersection

We pulled to the four-way intersection governed by stop signs on each corner. Each driver began gazing into the face of the other; wondering who was going to go first. One driver gives the hand gesture, “You can go ahead – I will wait”.  Another driver does the ‘periodic hesitation’ – I’ll go, no you go, I’ll go, no you go, I’ll go , no…..and inadvertently nudges their way to the center of the intersection.  The last driver aggressively takes the lead: tires spinning, rubber burning. Openly telling each of us, “I don’t have time for this!! I’ll go!”

Me; I decided to wait. Not because of some great patience given to me by God. Nor was the Holy Spirit prompting me to intentionally be gracious and allow others to go first. But while observing the chaos brought on by a four-way intersection with stop signs on every corner, I quickly recognize how long ago it had been since I passed my drivers exam. Truth is, I wasn’t sure which driver had the right-away! 4 Way Sign

So what can we wives learn about marriage from a four-way intersection?

  • Before any of us made it to the intersection, there had already been a manual established that gave clear instructions on what to do in such a situation.
  • It has already been chosen who should take the lead. It’s in the manual. This is not a debate or dispute.
  • If the driver, who should take lead, does not; their action does not make void the order already put in place when the manual was created.
  • Don’t get angry and jump ahead because the driver at the other intersection does not know it is their turn to go.
  • Just because the situation has become chaotic, does not give you the right to burn rubber, spin your wheels and bogart your way through the intersection.
  • When the designated driver follows the instructions provided in the manual, it makes it easy for everyone else. Chaos eliminated.
  • The driver who takes the lead is not always the driver designated to do so. This is out-of-order and is not according to the manual.
  • It is only proper to go out of turn, when the driver who has the right a-way, allow you the go ahead.

Before we were drivers, we studied the manual so we could pass the drivers exam. Now that we ARE drivers; we drive with assurance as if the manual is now obsolete.

Ladies, be sure to read the manual (the Bible) and remember what is says. No matter how well a driver you are, or how long you’ve been driving; you are always going to need the manual!!

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