Breakfast 2013: Beauty Revealed

Candles in tunnels, mirrored center-pieces, purple flower petals, and sixty women smiling through unsure expectation.  With the first words of the morning, I was sure – I was in the right place. The message was clear; Beauty Revealed……


The Bible gives us many, many instances of a woman’s Beauty Revealed, yet the woman with no name laid out in Proverbs 31 is a precise instance of a woman’s beauty examined to illustrate the much desired principle of virtue. Far-reaching for all, yet still sought after by most. These are the verses that give every woman a long list of practical every day advice as she is retold of the beauty God deems as beautiful.


Thank you ladies for coming out and supporting “TimeOut” as we aim to help women achieve healthy relationships by providing practical information through a scriptural perspective. We pray you were inspired by what you heard at the “TO” Breakfast Auction and that you were reminded through Proverbs 31 that God has made it perfectly clear;

The beauty of a woman if far more than outward charm and visual attractiveness, OUR Beauty is Revealed through our reverence and respect to the God who made all things beautiful.


We look forward to seeing you all again for breakfast next year!! In the meanwhile, see you at the next “TimeOut” gathering.

God’s Time

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