Jump In …

I was once told that there is no need to keep praying if you are never going to stand in expectation to God answering. For me, that comment was profound; it spoke to the depth of my prayer time in a practical way. I would raddle off my conversation with God. Sharing with Him how magnificent I know Him to be, thanking Him for all the things he has done in my life, and recapping the promises He has made. Then on my way I would go. Moving about my day and never intentionally listening or looking for God to respond, all the while knowing He could or would in His due season. Now when I pray, I peek around every corner waiting to see if God is answering. I look high and low knowing at any moment, I’m gonna catch God in the ‘act’.  You see, I figured out that if I pay close enough attention; catch God in the ‘act’ of being God, – giving hope – giving life – making old things new – putting things back together – providing a way of escape – comforting hearts – providing needs – and loving in spite of – then not only would I see firsthand God answering my prayers, but I would also be in a “ready-set-go” position to jump in on what it is that God is doing.

Ladies, think about it. This is an exciting stance to be in. Remember playing Double Dutch as a kid.


The two would be on each end turning the rope. You would be on the outside, standing close to the entrance, rocking your body back and forth so that you could jump into the center of the turning ropes as soon as the time was right.

Great news!! God is still answering prayers and He would love for you to get in on the ‘act’. Yes, prayers are being answered in your life, at your job, in your home, at your church, and in your marriage. So don’t just hope, pray and sit back. Get in your stance of expectation! Then, jump into what it is that God is doing….

 You and your marriage will be the better because of it!

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