Two Questions

After years of decline, statistics tell us that marriage is back in fashion with a 3.8% increase. Knowing of the popularity of marriage for its many reasons, I’d like to ask two very important questions.  Be sure to take a moment to think deep. Then respond honestly.
Brown-Pink-Wedding-Invitations-Ideas-for-wedding-day-1(1.) Why DID you get married? and

(2.) Why ARE you married?

 ~ Genesis 2:18

3 thoughts on “Two Questions

  1. Why DID you get married? Honestly, when I got married right out of college, my only thought was that I loved my husband and this is the next step in our relationship. I had no idea at the time how God was going to use my marriage and the challenges that we faced individually and as a couple for my sanctification. Why ARE you married? God is using my marriage for my santification and edification. God is using my marriage to bring my character closer to Christ. My relationship with my spouse has forced me to recognize my selfishness and is a constant reminder to stop being self-serving. I am being made whole not by my spouse but by obeying God’s word and following the rules for my role in my marriage as laid out in the bible.

  2. Wow.. Thanks for responding Angela. For most of us, your comment is familiar. Getting married had something to do with us. Being married has all to do with God. We (and those around us) just get the pleasure to reap great benefits when doing marriage God’s way..

  3. Why did I get married? Honestly I wanted to line up with biblical principles when it said it is better to marry than to burn(with passionate lust). I wanted to live a life that was pleasing to my heavenly father. Because the way I was doing was not pleasing to God nor was it edifying for myself. I truly wanted that union of marriage and I wanted a Godly spouse one who made God the head of his life. I wanted to glorify God with my life.
    Why am I married? I know why I am married now. To bring glory to God through my marriage. Marriage is the best example of Christ loving the Church and gave his life for it. My husband and I are called to show love to each other and forgive each other like Christ did for us. We are to encourage each other. Through our marriage we can show the world and those closes to us what the Heavenly Father is like. We are always representing God in the earth. We are called respect and cherish one another. My husband has found favor with God when he received me as his wife. Through that God let me know I was good in his sight. I was beauty to behold. We are called to be partners to building up the kingdom of God. I am called to be his helper in the earth. He is called to love me. Automatically that calls me to submit to his position that God has given him, authority over me and our children. Our marriages are always on display, if not to us then to our kids, if not to our kids, then our neighbors, if not to our neighbors then our churches, ect. As we follow kingdom principles the way God see marriage, we touch lives of our children, communities, schools, nations churches and leave a legacy for generations to follow. We produce seeds after our kind building up the kingdom of God on the earth.

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