Do You Promise?

Seventeen years ago I stood at the altar with my soon to be husband, with our Pastor, in the presence of our friends, and our family, publically proclaiming my commitment. The preacher asked a long list of “Do you promise??” ……. and I, in all I could muster lovingly said, “I Do”.   I wish I could tell you I was in my full state of consciousness as I stood there looking the best I had ever been. But now that I think back on what was going on in my mind, I’m sure all my mental functions were not working properly. At that very moment, all I was really thinking as I looked up at this very handsome man standing before me was ……YEA Me!!

If you would be honest with yourself, your story may have some similarities to mine. When we agreed to wed, when we agreed to the promises – vow – commitment – covenant agreement of marriage, our ultimate thought was steeped in what we were going to benefit. I don’t recall one second of me thinking how I was going to serve, help, honor, respect, and support my husband. Not for one moment did I think, “How am I going to contribute to my husband’s life that will cause him to be a better man because he’s married to me?”

Aren’t we glad that when God made his promise – vow – commitment – covenant agreement to us He wasn’t thinking solely of Himself, but how He (God) would demonstrate His love toward us and his commitment to our relationship with Him.  God said in Genesis 17:7, “I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you ….” God clearly stated that His promise is eternal. That He will stand by his agreement even when ours fail. That He will never change his mind to what He has decided.

Because God himself has committed to love us in spite of us, with all our inadequacies, we know what a binding love looks like.

Now, let you and I promise to allow that binding love to spill over into the lives of our husbands. In such a way that others see our husbands as better men, because they are married to us.

Do you promise?Promise


Mark your calendar. The next “TimeOut” gathering is Friday – September 27th @ 6:15pm !!  See you there.

One thought on “Do You Promise?

  1. During these last 5 years you, Time Out and your dreams for it have always been at the back of my mind . I too didn’t realize the depth of my role as a wife to make this husband a better man. Thank you for sharing with me so long ago and congrats on making your dream come true.

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