No – Sometimes – It Depends …

I know, I know. Yes, the “S” Word is rearing its ugly head again. During our monthly gatherings this is one of the topics that would get the group all worked up. This is a matter that is usually tough to swallow.  At the mention of the “S” Word, the room would divide into three sections. The No’s, The Sometimes and The Depends. After our gatherings, as expected, I typically receive several phone calls letting me know how the “S” word is sheer foolishness in many instances. How yielding is not a part of our vocabulary and is not going to have a settled place within our marriages. We have made up our minds; “SUBMISSION” is something we cannot be a part. Or can we?

As much as I hate to admit, this is a topic we will revisit constantly and I doubt if it is ever going to get any less relevent. Truthfully, this is an area in our marriages that will never go away. (If only it really would disappear). Sadly, this is one vice that will create a vicious cycle in our relationships with our husbands, and without being rectified, it is a destroyer. So, I’m gonna start with a loving sister hug and hand you a hot cup of coffee. I also have tea, chocolate cake and cold milk. Whatever your comfort, go ahead and grab it a let’s talk a bit more about The “S” Word.

When we mention SUBMISSION and husband in the same breath, it seems to have a known stench attached to it. So how about we take this pill  and break it up in pieces that may be a little easier to relate to.  First, let’s make an obvious notation even more obvious. God TOLD us in Ephesians 5:22-24,33: “Wives, submit to your own husbands……For the husband is the head of the wife……let the wives be (submissive) to their own husbands in everything….and let the wife see that she respects her husband.”  Wait!! Did that make you gulp? Whewww. We probably should stop here. Even when broken up in pieces, this pill is still a bit big! But hold on tight, here we go.

  1. God gave us this very important, direct command because of the fall consequence we experienced in Genesis 3:16b. We wives now have a desire to “rule over” our husbands – an irresistible tendency to dominate. Submitting to our husbands does not come ‘natural’, so God had to tell us to do it.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, God gave our husbands an intrinsic nature to lead, protect and provide. When we submit to our husband, he is better able to live out what God has instilled in him. (hint: – We are to HELP our husbands do what God has called them to do).
  3. Submission is all about function and faith! (Wives, stop allowing things and people outside your marriage tell you otherwise!!!) * Function = Living out marriage in the order, meaning and purpose God has given for it to work best. * Faith = Trusting God with that outcome.

When we submit, in true biblical submission to our husbands, we allow God to work His best in our relationships with our husbands. Do you believe, your marriage can move from Ruined to Restored, from Bleak to Bright, from Good to Great?

Let me know – How does the “S” word affect your marriage? How has it divulged itself in your relationship with your husband? Which of the above points (1, 2 or 3) are your most challenging? Let’s talk in the comments!

Next TimeOut gathering is Friday – September 27th at 6:15pm


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