A Much Needed “TimeOut”

The original question was Who Decides? Immediately, it was assumed we were going to make blatant references to who decides the goings-on in our relationships with our husbands. Who makes the decisions? Would that be us (the wife) or would that be our husbands? Any woman who has ever attended a “TimeOut” gathering knew that was a loaded question, so the room was silent.  To ease everyone’s mind, I added these few words….Who Decides – What Love Looks Like?

If only you could have heard the diverse answers to that question. Every woman there recalled love looking a little differently than the woman sitting next to her. Some remembered love looking like a small gift. Some equated love looking like getting our car vacuumed and the snow removed, a weekend get-a-way, our husband getting up at 2am to get the baby, dinner and dancing, or just him doing a load of laundry.

What we soon figured out was that God had already told our husbands what love should look like when it pertains to us. “Husbands, love your wives,…..(How?)….. as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her”. Obviously this kind of love had nothing to do with satisfying the daunting daily task of what we wives wanted from our husbands, but was steeped in a more drenching love unto death.

By the end of the evening, pass a few real life questions, some tears, and the kind of hugs only another wife can give, it was unanimous. God has given our husbands a heavy task to live out. But with God’s guidance and our help – our husbands loving us the way God intended is not impossible.


Thank you for joining me at “TimeOut”. See you at the next gathering in November.

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One thought on “A Much Needed “TimeOut”

  1. Your right it is not impossible, but if we(wives) are not in our place, it makes loving us as Christ love the church a little harder. We know God requirement is not base on how we act as wives, but if we do what Christ says, how can our husband fight against unconditional LOVE! Seems like you guys had an awesome time! See you in November

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