First Things First (Part 1): Relationship Resolution

One more week of December and the New Year is here. With the New Year approaching, we can all expect to hear the many resolutions that a New Year brings with it. January 1st is known for sanctioning a new plan, setting a new determination, and helping us begin a new approach – with a pivotal, easy to track starting point. It is always something nice about getting a new start.New Year

This year, let us join together in setting, and carrying out the year’s resolution. We will begin with a truthful, candid, honest self-searching. Each of us making an internal check on how we understand God, who He really is to us, and how much rule we have allowed Him to have in our lives. This year’s resolution is going to be our deliberate effort to put “first things first”. We are going to make a whole-hearted stretch to be straightforward with ourselves and put our life priorities, back in order. Putting things that should be first ……First.

So often we talk about the outward expression of our relationships. We share who we are in relationships with, what those relationships look like, what part we play in those relationships and how we benefit (or not) from them. But this year, let us begin with a new step, taking the new start and making this resolution really personal. For now, let us remove everyone else totally out of the picture. Let us place our focus on our own relationship with the God of Heaven. The God who made us, the God who loves us, and the God who, according to His abundant mercy has begotten us to an inheritance greater than any we could ever imagine . <1John 1>

Now is our time to openly admit to what place we have allowed God to take in our lives. It is without question, to know God, is to love Him. To love Him, is to please Him.        “…nevertheless, I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed …”

Studies show that 80% of people exclaim they are Christians, say they believe in God and have attached Christianity to that belief. Yet, studies also show that less than 19% of those professing Christianity actually engage/take part in personal reading and study of the Bible. ~ Lifeway – Transformational Discipleship Study

Will you resolve to a Relationship Resolution for the New Year?

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