First Things First: Part 3 – Strap In

I have always loved amusement parks. There was not one ride there too frightening, too fast, or too furious. Every ride and activity at the amusement park was created for ….. well…. my amusement. I remember riding the roller-coaster wondering if it could go any faster. The coaster car would jerk around corners, swoop around curves and flip in a complete 360. Yet, that didn’t stop me from throwing my hands in the air. I would grit my teeth and dare not close my eyes, to make sure I did not miss the prelude to the upcoming drop to the bottom of the slope. A day at the park consisted of eight hours – minimum. I forever figured, why anyone would go to the amusement park if they were not going to partake in all that the park had to offer.

Well, now-a-days, I am not so eager to spend eight to ten hours at an amusement park. Every ride I get on seems to have my heart racing faster than it should. Seconds after the park aid lowers the safety bars or straps me in the seat, I do a double – triple check to make sure everything is as secure as it can be.


What happened to the freedom of enjoying that which was created for my amusement? I can tell you what happened. I became aware! I became aware of all the defects, flaws, and weaknesses of the roller-coaster. I became aware of all the possibilities of what ‘could’ happen if anything went wrong. I began settling my participation on what I thought, knew or could see. No longer basking in the exhilaration and liberty of the ride, but now focused on the likelihood of a disaster.

You and I must not forget. No matter the ride, no matter how fast, no matter how frightening, no matter how furious — God Rules — and has “granted to us His precious and very great promises”, so that through them you and I may become partakers of all He has to offer. <2Peter 1:4>

Now that we have made up our minds to let God manage our lives totally, as we dress perfectly for the park, we are free to partake……. So strap in and enjoy the ride!

One thought on “First Things First: Part 3 – Strap In

  1. The scripture that comes to mind after reading this blog is
    Jeremiah 29:11 English Revised Version
    For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope in your latter end.

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