Time To Commit

It all started with such stamina. Enthusiastic and sure was an understatement of all the things that were going to get accomplished. I could see in my mind’s eye what the end was going to be. And just the thought of it all made my heart pound. With my adrenalin on full blast, I hit the ground running with full speed. I had a smile on my face and pep in my step. Who said I couldn’t do this? Olympics …. Here I come!

I can only imagine how many of us have gone through this very thing. Encouraged by something we saw or heard. Having that feeling deep down inside telling us, yes, we can do it and do it well. With vigor we begin all the necessary preliminaries. Get all our ducks in a row so that we are sure to come away with a big – skillful, – accomplished ending. But right in the middle of it all, when we do not see the results we had envisioned, when the pieces are not falling into place as we had hoped, when things are not moving as fast as we assumed they would, when we no longer feel that burst of energy that shoved us into our start, when we begin to run out of gas, when there is no end in sight, we realize ……… this is going to take a bigger dose of commitment than originally thought. commitment2

 “TimeOut” kicked off its first wives gathering of 2014 laying a foundation to build upon for the rest of the year. Immediately we were challenged to take a real look at what we call commitment. There was no question; commitment consists of being “all in”; to pledge or promise; to express one’s intentions. Even better, commitment is to give over to another for care and safe keeping. Oddly, for many of the ladies in the room, commitment also came with an invisible clause; an unmentioned section of the agreement specifying how long being “all in” was going to last.

It was evident, that when things do not manifest soon enough for us, our “all in” is retracted.

“Commit your ways to the Lord, Trust in Him, and He shall bring it to pass”

<Psalm 37:5>

God aims to put a huge dent in our feeble definition of commitment. With divine assurance we can rest in the seriousness of giving our marriages over to another (God) for care and safe keeping.  As we commit our ways to Him, He will do what needs to be done.

Have you given your ways to the Lord? With a commitment that has no invisible clause?

Consider it ……….. Could this be what changes everything?

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