Me Too ….

We all could have written stories about our lives that would have sold thousands of books. It all started off as a simple icebreaker game of connection. This game is usually used when there is a group meeting each other for the first time. The first person starts with “My name is xxx.., I have been married for xxx.. years. The person would then continue by talking about themselves.  “I have 3 sisters. I love to ride horses. I drive to work. I play the piano…etc. etc.”  By this time, hopefully you might find someone else in the group with 3 sisters or even 1 sister and they would shout “ME TOO!” when they found something that connects with you. This night, even though we have spent many TimeOut gatherings together, this game about being connected opened a door many of us did not know existed. An elementary icebreaker soon escalated to an explosion of heart matters we found we had in common, but never knew.

So what were some of the things we had in common? How were we connected?

  •  I am praying for my husband – and have been for years
  •  I have a child with a disability
  • I soon will be an empty nester and I am not ready for this
  • My teenage daughter just had a baby
  • I once attempted suicide
  • I want a divorce
  • I recently had a miscarriage
  • My husband and I have physical altercations
  • I care for my elderly parent with Alzheimer’s
  • I am overwhelmed
  • I have been depressed for months

God intentionally created us for relationships. He desires for us to have a relationship with Him, as well as, relationships with those around us. It was never intended for us to handle the issues of this life alone. It is to our delight to “….rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep”. <Romans 12:15>

During our 3rd Annual Breakfast Fundraiser Auction on July 12, 2014 we will talk more about Beauty Revealed: A Woman Connected. Purchase your ticket today. And we will see you at the breakfast.

2014 BF

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