Enhance [en-hans, -hahns] to raise to a higher degree; intensify; magnify: To increase or improve in value, quality, desirability, or attractiveness.

We cased the store looking in every show case for sparkly splendor. There were all shapes: round, princess, oval and emerald. And there were all sizes: 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, 5 and 10. We oooo’ed and aawww’ed over each and every piece while totally ignoring their prices. There was no question of their value and their attractiveness was evident. We both began pointing through the glass to make our selection. As soon as the metal was wrapped around our finger we stretched our arms forward, left hand paralleled to our faces, with our fingers stretched apart. We were impressed by the flicker. Simply beautiful!


Little did we know, each piece was intentionally treated to be admired to the fullest. The goal of the manufacturer is to place such caring attention to every detail that upon display the diamonds would be an eyeful. Diamond enhancements are specific treatments designed to improve the visual characteristics of the diamond while clarity enhancements determine a diamonds value. The overall objective is to remove any dark inclusions, and fill fractures to make small internal cracks less visible. There by, raising the diamond to a higher degree; increasing its value, quality, desirability and attractiveness.

On September 1st, TimeOut will facilitate a virtual (online) marriage study. This study will challenge you to follow God in your marriage, address your unique role as a wife and encourage you to expand your relationship with your husband – all without ever leaving your living room!

 Enhancing Your Marriage: A Woman’s Bible Study  material by Judy Rossi 

  • This comprehensive study consists of 12 Lessons. Each lesson will be covered for a month. For example: September – Lesson One / October – Lesson Two
  • Study books are needed and can be purchased online CLICK HERE or at any local bookstore.
  • All discussions, questions, and feedback will be posted /communicated through the TimeOut website on the “Marriage Study” page. There will be no chat rooms.
  • Each participant is required to contribute / comment to each lesson at least once a month.
  • Personal email addresses will be used by the facilitator only. Emails will be used to convey offline information. Participants may also contact the facilitator by email for offline – non group – concerns.
  • For anonymity, each participant will provide the facilitator with a fictitious name. This name will be the participants’ public user name, to be used by the participant for all public post on the “Marriage Study” page
  • Registration has begun. CLICK HERE to register today!

I believe, when we know and live God’s plan for marriage, our marriages excel, the world sees God, and God is honored. I pray that you will join me in this heart challenging study.

Helping each other. Enhancing our marriages. Refining our roles.

Register today! This online study begins September 1st.

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