Tank Life ….

On our second round of pet ownership, we decided a fish aquarium would be the best choice. Taking care of fish would undoubtedly be much easier than taking care of a puppy. There will be no scratches on the door to come in or go out, no daily walks with the infamous plastic bag, no need to remove hair off my favorite rug, and even better – no quarrels of whose turn it is to pick-up the “left behinds” in the back yard.

The trip to the pet store was exciting. Each new occupant of the freshly filled tank was given a name similar to their physical appearance along with being assigned to a family member.  One of the most beautiful fish in the tank received the name Night. Its coat was the deepest, darkest, black and its fins flowed through the water like long flowing locks blowing in the wind. It swam with the grace of an experienced ballerina and could hover in one spot like a star.

black fish 3

Soon we began to notice Night spending most of its time under the artificial greenery and peeking from behind the oxygen tube. We would sometimes tap on the glass in hope of luring Night back into general population. During feeding time, Night would allow the food to slowly float to the bottom of the tank directly in front of the bush before coming out of hiding to quickly grab a morsel to eat.

Little did we know; that Night’s desire to not mingle with the other fish was legitimate. We had no idea the other fish did not take well to the natural beauty Night brought to the tank.  Instead of idol swimming – as I assume all fish spend their time doing – the other fish used their swim time to pick away at Night’s flowing fins. The once stunningly flowing fins, soon became short prickly attachments. A sad eye sore. Night was trapped in an environment that brought continuous bouts of attack. And, what better way to defend itself; than to retreat and hide.

Thought to Ponder

Many of us wonder why our relationships with our husbands are not much of what we expect them to be. We blame our husband as we notice him using his surplus time and energy in activities that seldom include us. He may be hanging out with his friends, spending countless hours in his favorite recliner, refurbishing that old 67 Chevy, or simply watching endless episodes of ESPN. As much as we would like to believe we have nothing in common with the fish in the tank, many of us have taken on the offensive habit of picking at our husband’s fins and making tank life practically unbearable. Yet, we are frustrated and disgruntled – questioning why our husband has retreated behind the artificial greenery?

 Numbers 35:34 ~ “ Do not defile the land where you live ….”

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