Super Bowl Sunday

1999 was my football year. This was the moment I had been groomed for since my husband and I were married. The past years consisted of a vague interest in the game with an ulterior motive to enjoy time with my husband. He would give me the “Football for Dummies”, play by play, and I would remember it just long enough to make it through that particular Sunday of back to back games. Even though we can easily be labeled Sports Junkies’ couple of the century, when it came to football I would grudgingly endure the season with a mental countdown to when it would be over. But, that was all about to change. The St. Louis Rams had made it to the Super Bowl and football, as I knew it, suddenly came with a different delight. 

The Super Bowl XXXIV party was electric.  My husband and I (me fashioned in my newly purchased Rams jersey) were gathered in a room full of our friends, filled with platters of party food and game favors, awaiting kick off.  The game was exciting; all my pre-football training had paid off! We watched the game – half time show – and the commercials, through laughter and loud talking.  

These days, Sunday football is customary.  

What did I learn? ……. To not be like the “Wife who Watches Football”.  

One thought on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. I like this. Too funny. I have LOVED football since 8th grade. I think that might have been one of my pluses when my husband & I met. He has taught me a lot more about calls & plays, but I’m glad I had football for myself. I’m going to try that ‘yellow ribbon’ thing. Smh. Lol.

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