Intimate Issues

Who would have known, chapter eight of Enhancing Your Marriage would ignite such pertinent offline conversation?    I did……..   Well, at least, I was hoping and praying it would.  I was praying this chapter resonated with our inner most parts. That the truth of it all would engage our hearts to wonder even the more. Wonder about what you ask? Wonder about how it all connects. Wonder how the spiritual and the physical were completely designed by God. Wonder and be amazed by the truth of the Lord being interested in every – yes, every – part of our life.  Wonder about how the intimate part of our relationship with our husbands carries such a weight with our intrinsic desire to be loved and with our husbands’ inherent design to be respected. Wonder where the land mines are waiting and how a wife must be very careful where she treads. Wonder how our past can be a major roadblock to our present responses.  And, wonder how the grip of intimacy has taken on such a casual position in so many books, movies, commercials and marriages: when the Lord deems intimacy as the Ultimate Wedding Gift.

I so enjoyed our talks.  I am glad so many of you could hear the message jumping from the pages of this chapter.  God is still a healer of our intimate issues.

“Healthy intimate response is learned as God’s truth seeps in to the soul and takes root” ~ Judy Rossi

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