Who is She?

Queen you say?  Yes, I know her.  She is a stand out.  I see her going about, with her unspoken beauty.  That quiet woman, with the hidden strength of a warrior and stamina that never perishes.  She, who has the wisdom to rule a nation and the forbearance to withstand a drought.  She, who has the gift to nourish those around her and the nerve to fight for that which is most important: her house, her kingdom, her people, her integrity, and her king.  There she is, standing in her queen attire that stylishly complements her value – and displays her uncompromising worth.  Her, the Queen – who has the obvious courage to trust, love and wait.  She, the one whose deeper beauty is revealed by her kind words, her uplifting thoughts and willingness to listen.  She, the one who was created to excel in a role filled with intentional purpose: a purpose that enriches those around her, gives importance to order, and arouses others to be better – to be more – to be radiant – to be strong – to be resilient.

Oh’ no, she is not weak, feeble or fragile.  She is not a slave to man, nor is she maid service.  She is not subservient in significance, oppressed by the culture, nor negated by nay-sayers.  She is not cheap, nor is she destitute.


She is the one whose influence can change a mind, alter a plan, transform a home, revise a decision, save a marriage, refresh a heart, restore a relationship, and turn the world upside down.  < Genesis 3:6>   She, as the Lord intended – is naturally gifted to make a difference.

Who is she, really?

She is giver, she is nurturer, she is helper, she is queen, and she is Wife.

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