Who will do it?

“We have so much to tend to, don’t we?  Children and spouses and projects and endeavors fill our hours and our brain space.  Somebody has to do them.  Somebody has to fill in the gap of effort required to get from the beginning to the end.  Most of the time, we assume that the individual responsible for it all should be us.  It has to be us.  Who else is going to do it?”  ~ P.S

 Thought to Ponder

Everything does not have to be done and you do not have to do everything.

Obey ……….God will take care of the rest.

2 thoughts on “Who will do it?

    • Hi Kimbrlyschronicles!

      Yes, prioritizing is key. Prioritizing is also the hard part. Without setting things in their proper order, Sabbath Rest can be non-existent.

      To get a better handle of all the things you must do and those you want to do, dump all your task into one bucket, then separate them under the following headings.

      *Essential – This item is currently not adequate and must be changed immediately.
      *Conditional – This item can be changed or improved. However, it does not qualify as inadequate if it is left as is.
      *Optional – This item may or may not be worth the time or the effort. But, it sure would be nice.

      Hopefully, this will start you on your way to organizing your many task as the Lord gently orders your steps.

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