Need a Speaker?

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Christian speakerCharMaine’s presentations are sparked with enthusiasm, filled with Truth, and showered with proof of God’s undeniable ability to change what seems unchangeable, and fix that which has been broken. CharMaine will challenge her audience to believe God, change their thinking, and become women of purpose.

“CharMaine was refreshing and her message was humbling.”~ 2013 “TimeOut” Breakfast Attendee

“It is just a joy to be able to be a part of a ministry and attend an event where woman are uplifting marriage. This was fun, I enjoyed it. I really had a great time today.”  ~ Lakesha

Talk Topics Include – But Not Limited To

Beauty Revealed – What do you think is the most beautiful part about being a woman? What do you believe is a woman’s most charming quality? Would God agree? In Proverbs 31 God speaks of a particular instance of a woman’s Beauty Revealed. Let’s explore together a woman’s beauty as it is seen in the scriptures.

 At the Riverside / Lessons from LydiaAre you overbooked, over-busy or overwhelmed? Do you feel as if you are living in a whirlwind? Well, there is good news! God has brought relief and comfort; it can be found through lessons from Lydia as she sits at the riverside. How about we discuss some of the comforts God can provide as we sit together in community. Acts 16:13-15

Passing the ‘Truth’ – Are you sharing your life with others? Are you passing along the Truth- sharing your love, experiences and legacy with those around you? Christ has called each of us to a ‘God’s work’ in the lives of everyone we come in contact with. Let’s discover the impact of sharing our life so that a Godly legacy may be implanted in the hearts of others and carried on from generation to generation to generation. 2Timothy 1:5

Have CharMaine speak at your next women’s group, event or gathering!

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One thought on “Need a Speaker?

  1. I have had the pleasure of hearing Charmaine speak and to sit in the “Time Out” bi-annual meetings. Her messages are both timely and thought provoking. She is an excellent speaker and have a way of bringing God’s word that is practical to your everyday situation. When she speaks, she connects the dots for the hearer. “Time Out” meetings are fun, warm, eye opening, encouraging, and supportive! Since attending the “Time Out” meetings, I have seen a major shift in my marriage and I attribute that to following God’s word, the good word I receive from my church and from the support I get from the “Time Out” meetings. What I love about “Time Out” is the commonality of like minded women who have decided to fight to make their marriage EXTRAORDINARY! By during our part as women. We know God is the one that does the changing, so we strictly focus on our own role in the marriage. God has given Charmaine great insight on how to get us to focus on our roles and not our husband. She reminds us, that if we do our part, then God can do his part. Thank You Charmaine, for walking in what God has called you to walk in, to help others have success in their own marriages! I highly recommend Charmaine Taylor as a speaker for your event.

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